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Swimming pool heaters

Thinking about pool heating? Not sure which to select for your new pool? Or thinking of upgrading your existing swimming pool heater? We’ll help you with everything pool heating-related.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your pool needs. We service all of Central Queensland – Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Gracemere, Gladstone, Emerald and closeby regions.

Swimming pool heaters Central Queensland
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Why mineral pool sanitation system

Pool heating can consume quite a lot of energy. Especially some older pool heaters can be pretty inefficient. Discover how the various pool heating options can save you money on pool heating.
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Whether you're looking at having a new swimming pool installed or you already have one, we'll advise you on the ideal pool heating solution. Increase your comfort while saving money.
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The three most popular pool heating options include solar, gas and electric. Also, you can combine them by, for example, having gas and solar heating working together. Learn more below.
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Pool heating options

Solar pool heating

Definitely the most popular and cost-effective form of swimming pool heating. If you do not require super warm pool water, you might do with solar only as we get plenty of sunshine in Central Queensland. If you have a pool and spa combo or want to heat a spa separately, adding another pool heater (gas or electric pool pump) to your solar heaters will help you easily achieve higher water temperatures.

Electric pool heating

Electric pool heaters (heat pumps) are very popular in Australia. Queensland pool owners love them due to their availability (lower installation cost) and the possibility of combining them with solar heating. Electric heat pumps can be efficient as they have the ability to recycle the heat from the air. However, they require electricity to run which makes them less eco friendly.

Gas heaters

Gas pool heaters are the most expensive pool heaters but can also be very efficient, especially with lower air temperatures. A gas pool heater is able to heat and maintain the temperature at practically any level. If you have a spa, a gas heater can heat it up pretty quickly, typically under an hour (depends on the spa size). Talk to us about the different pool heating options today!

We install and service pool heaters in Central Queensland

  • Bundaberg
  • Hervey Bay
  • Maryborough
  • Rainbow Beach
  • Gayndah
  • Munduberra
  • Monto
  • Gin Gin
  • Boyne Valley
  • Cracow
  • Theodore
  • Emerald
  • Blackwater
  • Capella
  • Clermont
  • Willows
  • Gindie
  • Springsure
  • Albinia
  • Rolleston
  • Alpha
  • Kilcummin
  • Gladstone
  • Tannum Sands
  • Benaraby
  • Calliope
  • Yarwun
  • Mount Larcom
  • Mount Alma
  • Raglan
  • Bilolea
  • Moura
  • Bauhinia
  • Rockhampton
  • Gracemere
  • Causarina Island
  • Camp Island
  • Marmor
  • Raglan
  • Mount Morgan
  • Dululu
  • Westwood
  • Gogango
  • Boolburra
  • Yeppoon
  • Emu Park
  • Norman Gardens
  • Yaamba
  • Kunwarara
  • Marlborough
  • Mount Gardiner
  • Balcomba
  • Shoalwater
  • Byfield
  • Stanage