Looking for a Fibreglass Plunge Pool in Central Queensland?

Just dip in and relax. What can be better than having your own plunge pool in your backyard? For many years, The Pool People have been transforming Queensland backyards. Our fibreglass plunge pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be equipped with spa and swim jets. Our plunge pools can even clean themselves!
Compass fibreglass pool shape Plunge 6.2

Plunge 6.2

6.2m x 3.4m
1.42m - 1.7m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Plunge 5.0

Plunge 5.0

5.0m x 3.39m
1.42m - 1.65m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Plunge 3.8

Plunge 3.8

3.87m x 2.13m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Plunge 2.8

Plunge 2.8

2.85m x 2.1m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Relax 6.3

Relax 6.3

6.3m x 2.33m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Relax 5.2

Relax 5.2

5.24m x 2.28m
Compass fibreglass pool shape Relax 4.0

Relax 4.0

4.0m x 2.28m
Compass Pools Sanctuary fibreglass pool shape 6.0

Sanctuary 6.0

6.0m x 4.2m
1.18m - 1.66m
Compass Pools Sanctuary fibreglass pool shape 4.8

Sanctuary 4.8

4.8m x 3.38m
1.18m - 1.54m
Fibreglass plunge pools

Top 3 reasons to go with The Pool People

Why our plunge pools are so special
Handcrafted swimming pools manufactured by the leading fibreglass pools manufacturer Compass Pools Australia with exceptional care and passion.
With over 40 years of fibreglass pool manufacturing experience, ongoing product research and development, Compass Pools come with lifetime structural warranty*.
Thanks to Compass Bi-luminite colours, your swimming pool will look stunning by daylight and night. Learn why they are special and how the reflective chips work!
* Terms and conditions apply. Vivid ceramic pools have different warranty terms. Refer to the Compass Pools Australia manufacturer’s warranty for full details.

Entry level fibreglass pool prices

Top-rated fibreglass plunge pools

4.7* Google rating / 4.6* ProductReview.com.au
The location of your backyard pool is crucial

Features of Compass plunge pools

Although small in size, Compass plunge pools have unique properties
Compass fibreglass pools are so different from the other pools available in Central Queensland QLD. Manufactured by an innovative Australian company, Compass Pools Australia, they combine 40 years of experience in research and development with knowledge and passion for creating the best swimming pools.

We love Compass pools and would recommend these pools to anyone looking at transforming their backyard.

The ceramic composite technology makes a Compass pool much stronger than an average fibreglass pool. Thanks to the Bi-luminite colour system, these fibreglass pools look stunning, creating a 3D effect in the pool water.

Nonetheless, these pools can literally clean themselves. Thanks to the unique Vantage infloor cleaning system, you’ll be able to own a self-cleaning pool that is healthier to swim in, requires less maintenance and saves you money.

Compass Pools Australia Bi luminite 3D Colours
Compass Pools Australia Self Cleaning Swimming Pools Video
Pool Features Exclusive warranty
Above Ground Maxi Rib Fibreglass Pools
Strong Ceramic Core Pools
Hydrostatic Protection on Fibreglass Pools

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